PUBG Mobile: Here’s How You Can See All Your Stats For The Year

PUBG Mobile recently completed one year of existence and the anniversary celebrations are still on. There are various in-game items, events and so much more happening. The latest addition to mark the first anniversary of the battle royale game is that players can now check out stats for the entire year.

PUBG Mobile has tweeted out confirming this addition and says that if you share a screenshot of your stats, you get a chance to win the Anniversary Parachute and keep it permanently in your inventory.

To access your stats, open PUBG Mobile and head to the events section on the bottom right. You should see a section called ‘PUBG Mobile: First Year’ which should open a link with all your stats. It could take some time to load, so be patient. You can see stats like how many games you have played, your total kills, different ways of how you died in the game, your favourite gun, and many more. Notably, these figures do not include Arcade mode and only your gameplays under the Classic mode.

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